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Zuleyka was a high-born lady from Margraviate of Talgar, presumably relative to Bernika. After the Secession of Poviss and the following events which led to the collapse of the Kingdom, when many exiles loyal to the House of Thyssen took refuge in Talgar, she met her future spouse - Esterad Thyssen. After the bloody Night of Knives and Torches which reintroduced Thyssen into the reign, she became Queen by his side.

She was the mother of GaudemundaHeloiza and Tankred, and grandmother to Guiscard Vermuellen. She asked for magical assistance from Sheala de Tancarville of the Lodge of Sorceresses in getting her son away evil influences of the "bad crowd" he had fallen in with, most notably the baron Surcratasse, Lady de Lisemore and some ambassadors from Redania.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Edit

Queen Zulika is mentioned briefly by Triss as she informs Geralt about Síle de Tansarville after the duo meet the sorceress on the docks in Flotsam harbor. Triss explains that Síle is advisor to the Queen of Kovir.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

One of minor secondary treasure hunt quest is named after her and spelling is correct this time.

Associated quests Edit

Trivia Edit

Kovir and Poviss monarchs
COA Kovir Poviss old CoA Kovir-Poviss old2

COA Kovir Poviss

TrojdenGedovius TrojdenidaGerard TrojdenidaEsteril ThyssenBaldwin ThyssenRhydIdiEsterad ThyssenTankred Thyssen
GemmaAgnes of AedirnBlanka of MalleoreZuleyka
Other members of the Houses Trojden and Thyssen

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