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Zerrikania is a mysterious land located in the south part of the Continent[1]. Its name is said to derive from a legendary golden dragon, Zerrikanterment. The Northern Kingdoms have very little to do with that realm. Not a lot is known about Zerrikania: its climate is hot, exotic animals (including tigers and antelopes) roam the land, and the inhabitants worship dragons. Zerrikania is famous for its tattooed warrior women, who are skilled in the use of sabres and archery. Dandelion once said that their female warriors are so skilled in archery that they cut off the breast near their shooting arm so that it doesn't interfere with their aim. Milva belives this to be a myth, because her breasts don't bother her as "You pull the string to your ear and not your breast".

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COA Zerrikania

The coat of arms for Zerrikania is not actually described in the novels. This particular coat of arms was designed by our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro.

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Zerrikanki film

Zerrikanian warriors in The Hexer TV series.

In the books:

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

The Witcher (PC):

In Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni Edit

A more detailed description of Zerrikania and its history was created by Martyna Tomaszewska for the Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni role-playing game and published in the "Magia i Miecz" magazine (published by Wydawnictwo MAG, the publisher of the game). According to the RPG, Zerrikania's name comes from the name of the legendary dragon Zerrikanterment.

The Witcher (PC)Edit

Zerrikania is not visited in the game, but it is acknowledged as the home for the formulae of bombs, and famous for its alchemists. The descriptions offered suggest that Zerrikania is very much like Arabia. The people of Zerrikania also resemble those of the Arabian peninsula.

"Zerrikania, home of the venomous basilisk, has given birth to other equally hideous creatures. Among them are spotted spiders so huge that they trap elephants in their webs and the no-less terrifying tse tse flies. The flies are especially repulsive, laying their eggs in the human body, the resulting larvae maturing within the host's head. The victim's brain serves as sustenance and when the larvae turn into adult flies, they leave the body through the eye sockets, now void of the previously devoured eyes."


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Zerrikania, like Ofir, is not visited throughout the game but several times mentioned. During secondary quest High Stakes, Carthia van Canten mentions that expensive spices are derived to Novigrad by various companies trading with Zerrikania. Also Bart, troll dedicated to protect Dijkstra's treasure is from the exotic land, where he was serving as guardian of camels. If Geralt doesn't invite Letho to Kaer Morhen in the end of Ghosts of the Past quest, the latter says that he will flee to Zerrikania.

Big Quote Left
- Nah, had it with these swamps. Need a change of scenery. Zerrikania, maybe?

- I've heard they have striped horses there.
- So have I. And apparently it's a matriarchy. I mean, been a deep belief of mine always that it's women who should rule the world. Heh.

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- Letho and Geralt about Zerrikania


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