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Zangvebar or Zanguebar (Polish: Zangwebar) is an overseas land with which the Northern Kingdoms trade.[1] Knowledge about the realm is not very widespread among Nordlings, most people know it as a mysterious land with a very different fauna, like black horses with white stripes (zebras)[1] and hyenas.[2] It's also home to creatures called Cynocephali.[1][3]

It lies south of Nilfgaardian Empire along with Ofir and half-mythical lands of Hann and Barsa.[4] However, Nilfgaardians tend to look on them as barbarians.[5]

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Trivia Edit

  • Zangvebar is one of several formerly used names of Zanzibar - the vast trade center since the ancient times, where local cultures of Bantu and Swahili people were crossing with Arab, Persian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and, later, Europeans. Zanguebar, in turn, is name for the Swahili coast.

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