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Zangvebar ,[1] or Zanguebar ,[2](Polish: Zangwebar) is an overseas land with which the Northern Kingdoms (Redania at least) trade. Knowledge about the realm is not very widespread - most people consider it a mysterious land, known for having very different fauna, like white horses with black stripes (likely zebras) and hyenas.[3] This realm is a neighbour to Ofir.[4]

Known Zangwebaries Edit

Symbol Edit

This realm, as it is a Far South country and has an entirely different culture, most likely does not have heraldry like the Northern Kingdoms; it could be rather the symbol used by Northern cartographers on their maps of Zanguebar. It was created by fans on the Russian version of witcher wikia.

Trivia Edit

  • Zangvebar is one of several formerly used names of Zanzibar - the vast trade center since the ancient times, where local cultures of Bantu and Swahili people were crossing with Arab, Persian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and, later, Europeans. Zanguebar in turn, is name for the Swahili coast.
  • In Hearts of Stone, when Geralt is arrested and carried on a ship to Ofier, his neighbour tells him that in Ofier there are white horses with black stripes, but in Zanguebar they are black horses with white stripes.

References Edit

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