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The Yrden Sign is a simple magical sign used by witchers. It forms a magical trap on the ground that triggers a limited number of times when traversed by a foe causing knock back, damage, and a chance of inflicting status ailments.

The WitcherEdit

Game Icon Yrden symbol unlit Game Icon Yrden symbol selected Effect Yrden

Tutorial signs yrden

In the game, Yrden represents the fifth element, whether one calls it Idea, Spirit or Magic. Thus it makes sense that its icon appears as an amalgamation of the icons for the rest of the Signs. It is a Sign Geralt makes by drawing a symbol on the ground or the floor. The witcher's skill with the sign is developed through the allocation of talents.

Mechanics Edit

  • To use the Yrden sign, Right-click anywhere on the ground, and the trap will appear on that spot
  • Endurance is used whenever the sign is cast, if the overall level is too low, Geralt will not be able to cast the sign.
Tip: When enhanced, Yrden also causes damage to opponents and can poison and weaken them. It is best used in combination with other signs. It is also an excellent way to weaken a "quick" foe so that it's more difficult for it to avoid strong style attacks.
Yrden stone
Later on, visiting the Circles of Elements attributed to Yrden grants Geralt the Blessing of Magic.

Circles of Elements Edit

Circles of Elements dedicated to the Yrden sign include:

The Witcher 2: Assassins of KingsEdit

Tw2 sign yrden

Tw2 journal yrden

Yrden is a magical trap placed on the ground, which will wound and immobilize opponents. The sign's basic level allows you to place a single yrden sign on the ground.

Tw2 skill enhancedyrdensign

After upgrading it, you'll be able to place up to three yrden signs at a time. Another, separate upgrade, will also make multiple Yrden traps work in unison, creating a barrier that Geralt's enemies are unable to pass through.

Yrden is also used in the battle with the kayran to trap one tentacle at a time in order to sever it.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Tw3 ability yrden sign
The Yrden sign is a simple magical sign used by witchers that forms a circular, magical trap. The trap triggers a certain number of times when traversed by a foe, causing knock back, damage, and a chance of inflicting status ailments. Geralt can choose to upgrade this sign to increase its effectiveness.

Most foes that wander into the ring are significantly slowed, though some monsters are unaffected by it. Yrden is one of your best tools for controlling multiple enemies in melee range. It's also particularly valuable against noonwraiths and nightwraiths, who remain incorporeal most of the time unless caught within a Yrden circle.

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