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Yoana was a master armorer from Skellige who lived in Crow's Perch In 1272. As a child she spent her whole time in the village Holmstein and was taught the art of smithing by her father. When she turned 17 she had learnt all her father had to teach, and left for Velen.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Despite being a master armorer, Yoana became Fergus Graem's assistant because many would never believe she, a female human, would be capable of making master armor. However, if given the right tools, she is capable of producing master armor for Geralt.

When the Nilfgaardian commander orders a suit of armor that can withstand a shot from a crossbow, Yoana decides she's had enough and competes with Fergus to prove her mastery and superiority in the craft with Geralt's help.

After successfully making the armor, the commander tests it and sees she is the true master of the craft and immediately promotes her and fires Fergus. However, she asks Fergus to stay, with him becoming her assistant at Crow's Perch.

Associated quest Edit