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Quest Items Yaevinns letter

Letter written by the elf Yaevinn to the dwarf Vivaldi.

Yaevinn's letter is a quest item which is given to Geralt by Yaevinn when they first meet in the Swamp. The elf needs the letter delivered to his friend, the dwarf Golan Vivaldi in Vizima from whom he hopes to get a reply, but he can not enter Vizima because of the current social climate.

Content Edit

Scrolls generic icon letter Dear Vivaldi !

I write to remind you that we once spoke of financial support for our cause. You claimed you would consider the matter, one that can wait no longer. I repeat for the final time — either you are with us or with the humans. There is no alternative. This is your last chance, for the time approaches and nothing will stop us, not even your refusal.


Associated quests Edit

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