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Keira Metz gives this item to Geralt of Rivia to better facilitate communication as he investigates Fyke Isle in Velen.

A xenovox may be dismantled into iron ore.

Journal entry Edit

Either I'm goin' crazy, or this bloody powder-box is talkin' to me!

—Klaus Bober, fisherman from Tarn Mira, finder of Rience's xenovox

Xenovox is a relatively simple magical instrument, which usually looks like a little box, casket or richly adorned snuff-box. It is used to communicate over long distances — however, unlike the megascope, which projects an image of the speaker, xenovox carries only his or her voice.

Tw3 Xenovox detail

How this contraption might work, I haven't the foggiest idea. Once, driven by curiosity, I took apart a xenovox which belonged to a good friend of mine. Contrary to popular belief, inside I did not find sirens' lips or a gnome with a speaking trumpet, but only dozens of little springs, screws and cogs gleaming with magic —which I was utterly unable to put back together.

Associated quest Edit

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