Worthy of Trust is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

NB: This quest does not appear in the journal until completion.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest can be started at Kaer Trolde Harbor by speaking to a Skelliger man. He identifies as Johann Bohner, and asks Geralt for a loan, having been shipwrecked and left with no money for his trip back home to Novigrad. The man promises to pay back every last copper should Geralt pay him a visit in Novigrad's Port District. You may give him the loan of 150Crownitemor refuse.

If given the loan, the man travels south of Kaer Trolde Harbor, though not very far. He can be encountered again on the road south out of town at a trading post, just north of Crossroads. This time, he is posing as a wandering juggler from occupied Temeria. When questioned whether he is actually from Novigrad, he claims that he, in fact, hails from Maribor. Geralt catches onto the bluff rather quickly, and talks to the man about his small short-term memory. The man pleads for Geralt not to turn him in to the jarl, and still promises to pay him the money back later, with interest. Should Geralt refuse the man's plea or try to turn him in, he will resist and attack at which point the quest ends, though one can loot his body afterwards to get back the 150Crownitem. Otherwise, if let go, Geralt will receive 20Crownitem.

If let go previously, the Skelliger can once again be encountered in the village of Fyresdal, which sits at the bay's mouth on the southern coast of Ard Skellig. Here, the witcher's patience is rewarded, as the debtor pays back the loan as promised plus interest, for a total of 200Crownitem, resulting in a net gain of 50Crownitem.

Journal entryEdit

What would you do if a stranger walked up and asked to borrow a large sum of gold, swearing he would pay you back later? I know my answer, and I dare to guess I know yours, dear reader - but the witcher's different from you and me. He decided to extend the loan.

If Geralt kills the swindler (by choosing to deal with him or try and turn him in):

The borrower predictably turned out to be a swindler. The only way for Geralt to collect on his ill-considered loan was to kill the man.

Location of Quest Giver Edit

Location of Quest Giver (Worthy of Trust)
(First encounter)
Location of Quest Giver (Worthy of Turst - Second Encounter)

(Second encounter)

Objectives Edit

  • Teach the cheat a lesson (if Geralt decided to deal with him or try and turn him in)