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- What is this place?

- Shh... the Wolven Glade.
- Nice name. White Wolf should feel right at home.
- The White Wolf - aye, good balance, for terrible things happened here of yore. To this day, none dare mention the name aloud.

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- Geralt and The Pellar, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Wolven Glade is a landmark located northeast of Blackbough in Velen. The pellar informs Geralt if they go here that none dare mention the place's name because in the past terrible things happened here.

If Geralt decides to kill the botchling during Family Matters, this is the place where the pellar will conduct his ritual while the witcher protects him from wraiths.

Map description Edit

A long, long time ago, when this land was ruled by forest spirits and ancient gods, the living would come here to pay their respects to the dead in the way their holy tome comanded "Walk thee in darkness, on a path of blood, standing under bare sky, naked before the gods and their messengers."

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