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"Village witches sell this brew to women whose husbands patronize local inns too frequently. Witches, lacking mastery of the arcane secrets of alchemy, usually know only one method of creating Wives' Tears."

Wives' Tears immediately removes drunkenness, restoring sobriety without causing a hangover, a very handy recipe indeed for those inclined to drinking contests.

Associated quests Edit

While not strictly needed, these potions are handy to have for the following quests:

Source Edit

  • The waitress at The New Narakort gives Geralt the recipe. She also gives 2 potions of Wives' Tears and the recipe in exchange for red women's gloves or 100 Items Oren. If you accept the option of helping her by giving the gloves, and then you say that you remembered you don't have any gloves, if you keep chatting her up, she will talk about her grandmother and how she brew a potion for people who drank too much. Keep talking with the waitress until the conversation ends. After that, you will have the Wive's Tears and Devil's Puffball recipe in your glossary.
  • One of the lumberjacks also provides this recipe.
  • Yamo Ryeboozer, the boozer at The Hairy Bear (if Geralt has not had a drinking contest with the drunkard at the Outskirts Inn).
  • Kalkstein, if you accuse him of being responsible for Berengar's dissapearance, and then apologise.

Notes Edit

  • Some merchants will buy Wives' Tears. Price will vary. For example Kalkstein pays double for a formula with rubedo as its dominant substance, and it is double the price to buy back, (haven't tried other formulations or merchants, so no idea on other price variations).
  • The Alchemist in the marketplace in the Trade Quarter will buy Wives' Tears.
  • Kalkstein will buy it.
  • The Murky Waters blacksmith will buy it.

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