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Witcher Wannabe is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The quest takes place in Velen, in the village of Lindenvale. At the central place in the village near the noticeboard, the village´s elder can be found muttering to himself in an infuriated way. Geralt of Rivia can ask him about the cause for his anger, leading the elder to tell him about a supposed "witcher" who has impregnated his daughter. Geralt is now asked to investigate the legitimacy of this "witcher" and confront him about his actions.This will trigger the quest.

Geralt can find the imposter in the local cemetery, hiding from a single ghoul. After the ghoul is slain, the wannabe will thank Geralt for saving his life. However, two villagers appear at the graveyard to check why the supposed "witcher" took so long to kill the monster. When they see Geralt, a second witcher, they apparently grow suspicious of the wannabe´s legitimacy.

Covering for the imposter Edit

Geralt is talking to the villagers

Two villagers show up at the cemetery

  • Took two witchers to kill this ghoul.
  • He's gotta work off his failure.
Lie to the villagers to cover for the imposter, making up a fake witcher principle about calling on his brothers for aid. Says that the man must abandon his trade and bury his medallion in the earth, working for the village for a year.
  • He's not allowed to return to this village.
Geralt lies to the villagers to cover for the man, making up a fake witcher principle saying, "Any witcher calling on his brother to aid him must never return to the site of the struggle" or something like that. Geralt tells him to "Get outta my sight," and lets the imposter go.

Exposing the imposter Edit

  • Only one here.
  • Let him go.
Convince the villagers to let the man leave, unharmed. Ends with Geralt saying, "Get outta my sight," and letting the imposter go.    
  • Take him to the village elder.
Geralt suggests that the village elder decide upon a suitable punishment for the imposter. Imposter is taken to the village elder.  Ultimately, the imposter is hanged for his crime.


  • The quest will only appear if the quest Contract: The Merry Widow has been completed, and 5 in-game days have passed.
  • Once the Ghoul is killed, (and either before or after speaking to the imposter and completing the quest), if you go into the building in the cemetery and come out again the two angels that were either side of the door will now be looking at Geralt ! As soon as he turns his back and then turns back around they will face you. Geralt will then say "Interesting". They will turn once more to face Geralt when his back is to them then they will apparently disappear (they will just be ordinary statues either side of the door if you later return to the cemetery). The Weeping Angels from Doctor Who have come to Velen !
  • The Imposter Witcher, (labelled Witcher) can be found working next to the southern entrance to Lindenvale, with the Village Elder (Old Man) looking on humming to himself, if you chose to allow the imposter to work off his failure. No interaction with the Witcher is possible and the Old Man just hums.

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