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Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

Having heard rumors of a dragon, I raced at full speed to Velen. Sadly, I was dragged away from my hunt by the prefects of Gors Velen. They summoned me as an expert to solve the riddle of a string of shipwrecks suspected to be the work of nightwraiths. Hmph. Seems a dragon ravaging the countryside is a lower priority than blocked trade routes. Luckily I was able to solve the riddle of the lone lighthouse quickly and raced off after the dragon.
I learned that the peasants from the ravaged villages had taken shelter in the elven catacombs under Lake Wyndamer. Wise. Yet they were not wise enough to bring firewood... and so warmed themselves by burning elven manuscripts! It aches my heart to think what knowledge about the Alder Folk went up in those flames... At least a few of the manuscripts survived (including some highly interesting sketches of armor). Yet enough about that.
Eye witnesses have reported: ashen scales, height at haunches — 2 fathoms, length — 5 fathoms (addendum: estimated weight — approx. 14 quintals), able to maintain a high temperature in its bellows (dragon lungs) for longer than a quarter hour. Conclusion: we are dealing with a green dragon.
Commencing hunt.

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