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The Witch hunters of Novigrad, nearby Oxenfurt, and the surrounding Velen region are members of an armed organization dedicated to persecuting magic users, both amateur and professional. Having been members (most of them) of the Order of the Flaming Rose, their operations are officially sanctioned by the Church of the Eternal Fire. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt they act with the full support of King Radovid V.

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Regular members of this group are equipped with Novigradian steel swords, classic but still pretty good. Some also use witch hunter swords. At a distance they use army crossbows making it a lot harder to escape them, as their bolts run faster than any man. And as they are dedicated to the persecution of "black magic users", they are in possession of dimeritium bombs and shackles. The shackles especially make killing them worthwhile, because they can frequently be looted from their corpse and are pretty valuable while relatively light. Dimeritium is a valuable metal after all.

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Concept art from The Witcher 3 Artbook


"Who are the hunters, you ask? Folk like you and yours, I reply. The decent kind, haters of lies, doers 'of good. The kind who live according to the gods' laws, and nature's laws, too. Those disgusted by the machinations of witchers, magickers and nonhumans. All that separates us from common folk is that we've the courage to take up arms, to defend our lands from evil, to slice out the gangrene that eats us from within. We haven't a leader. We haven't forts or land. Though gods-fearing Radovid supports us with his gold at times, we've not sworn him nor any other ruler any oath. We serve only the Eternal Fire, and we listen only to our own conscience.

Who can join us? Any who is right of soul and sound of body. You can find us in every larger city in the North. We will give you board, lodging and a weapon. We will explain how to spot the tell-tale signs of evil – birthmarks in strange and arcane shapes, smooth skin on a matron aged more than thirty springs, and black cats kept in the yard, to name but a few. We will show you how to defend yourself from witchcraft, how to tame and snuff out magic elements with dimeritium. We will instruct you how to squeeze the sinners' darkest secrets out of the with a hot iron, and how to grant them cleansing death with the help of sacred fire.

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  • Portrayal of witch hunters in the game seems to be inspired by Matthew Hopkins, the notorious English witch hunter from the time of English Civil War.
  • Early in the progress, organization was called Inquisition[1] and even concept art from Marek Madej, who is senior concept artist at CD Projekt RED, is labelled "Inkwizycja"[2] (Polish for inquisition) but it was changed, likely because of Dragon Age: Inquisition.
  • The line "We haven't a leader. We haven't forts or land" is a clear reference to the Order of the Flaming Rose. They have a leader, Grand Master, fort, Barienmurg in Roggeven, and lands as well.

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