One of many sidequest happening in Free City of Novigrad during course of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Summary Edit

The nonhuman slum of Farcorners is home to many folk hated by the Eternal Fire and the witch hunters, none more so than Remi Villeroy, a mage sentenced to death. Go to Remi's front door to see two witch hunters attempting to apprehend him.

An argument erupts inside the house, with the hunters ready to shackle him and his wife. You can slink away, or help Remi defeat the two witch hunters. If you help and Remi survives, you receive a few runestones for your troubles.

Journal entry Edit

There is no journal entry

Objectives Edit

  • Help Remi against witch hunters

Trivia Edit

  • You can only start this quest after making contact with Triss.