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The Winter War was a small, short, and relatively bloodless conflict between Kaedwen and Redania in 1272. The crossing of Kestrel Mountains by the Redanian royal army began the conflict. The combatants of the conflict depend on choices made during chapter II of The Witcher 2 but the outcome is in Redania's favor under all circumstances.

Course of conflict Edit

During the 3rd Nilfgaardian-Nordling War, Kaedwen is left weakened by Nilfgaard's initial assault on the Northern Realms, which saw the conquest of Temeria and Aedirn. When the Kaedweni pleaded with Radovid V, King of Redania, for aid, Radovid responded by attacking.

If Geralt chooses to let Roche kill Henselt :

If Geralt allows Roche to kill Henselt of Ard Carraigh (or tells Voorhis that he did) Kaedwen is weakened by the loss of their ruler and capitulates after a few lost skrimishes. With the exception of the Archduchy of Ban Ard, conquered by Nilfgaard, Redania annexes all of Kaedwen.

If Geralt chooses to stop Roche from killing Henselt :

In this case, Henselt and Radovid V lead their respective armies in battle. The battle ends with the Kaedweni king dead, and the victorious Redanian monarch subsequently declares himself lord of all Kaedweni territories. The Archduchy of Ban Ard, separated by the river Lixela from the bulk of Redania, is conquered by the Nilfgaardian army.

Results Edit

Short-term effect :


Although there are two possible courses, both leads to same result - annexation of realm. Nobility from Ard Carraighian court bent the knee to Radovid V to form a united front against Nilfgaard, with the promise that the Redanian king would restore the old borders once the war was won. This forced "union" lead down in history as Radovid's Realms, because thanks to this dispute Redanian monarch remains the only king powerful enough to stop Emhyr.

Long-term effect :

Howsoever Third Northern War ends Kingdom of Kaedwen latter gains its (at the furthest in 1309) sovreignity back and there is a bloody 9 year lasting civil war known as War of the Two Unicorns, most likely between two princes of Unicorn dynasty.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Winter War - was real world conflict in 20th century between USSR and Finland, like Redania, Soviets to invade without declaring war.

Notes & references Edit

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