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Winter (or The Eternal Fire) is one of Dandelion's famous ballads.

Andrzej Sapkowski Edit

Around your house, now white from frost
Sparkles ice on pond and marsh
Your longing eyes grieve what is lost
But naught can change this parting harsh...

— pg(s). 134, "Eternal Flame", in the collection Sword of Destiny (UK edition)

A third verse is contributed by Dudu, while in the guise of the bard:

Spring will return, on the road the rain will fall
Hearts will be warmed by the heat of the sun
It must be thus, for fire still smolders in us all
An eternal fire, hope for each one

— pg(s). 177, "Eternal Flame", in the collection Sword of Destiny (UK edition)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

The book "Ballads" provides a variant verson of this particular ballad.

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