Wine Wars: Vermentino is a quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Journal entry Edit

In the duchy of wine there is nothing more important than this noblest of beverages. And when two important winemaking families began to quarrel over which would assume control of one of the duchy's oldest vineyards, all knew sparks would fly... Fully aware of the circumstances, Geralt nonetheless decided to help Matilda Vermentino deal with the troubles at her vineyard, even if this meant making Liam de Coronata his foe.

It was not easy, but the witcher managed to resolve the troubles plaguing the Vermentino vineyard. Pleased with a job well done, he headed back to Matilda to collect his pay.

If you help Matilda take control of the vineyard.

If you complete Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina.

While tending to the problems at Vermentino, Geralt had found proof that a third party was behind the troubles there. He realized this knowledge could be valuable to Matilda and Lima, and decided to share it with them both. Yet again his intuition did not fail him. Coronata's and Vermentino's owners realized they could gain by joining forces and possibly lose much by continuing to qarrel. They resolved from that day forward to cooperate - more, to form a consortium.

If you help both and go to the ducal clerk before completing Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina.

Geralt concluded that it would be unfair of him to help Matilda alone while leaving poor Liam out in the cold. Thus he decided to resolve the problems that Liam claimed had appeared at the Coronata Vineyard. With this accomplished and with the ducal clerk doing some prodding of his own, the two young vintners concluded they would benefit more from striking up an alliance than from continuing their feud. Thus they formed a consortium and continued to produce wines under a single enterprise name.

Objectives Edit

  • Solve all the problems at the Vermentino Vineyard.
  • [Optional] Read the notes found at the Vermentino Vineyard.
  • Without investigating Coronata's problems, let Matilda take over Belgaard, or continue investigating and deal with Liam's problems.
  • Inform Matilda that you've solved all her problems at Vermentino.