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Wine Wars: Consorting is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion. The quest is only triggered when not all five objectives are done for Vermentino and Coronata before completing Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina.

Journal entry Edit

When Geralt first agreed to look into problems at some of the vineyards in Toussaint, he had not expected these matters to occupy him for long. When the witcher then learned Count Crespi had provoked the quarrel between the vineyard owners, an end to the mess was finally in sight. The ducal clerk was clearly pleased to see Liam de Coronata and Matilda Vermentino join forces. And he agreed to transfer Belgaard to them jointly on one condition - they would first need to resolve the troubles at their home estates.

Not monsters, not bandits - Geralt feared nothing! He quickly tended to the problems at Coronata and Vermentino, then set off to see the co-owners of the newly formed consortium to collect the reward they had promised him.

Objectives Edit

  • Help Liam and Matilda's consortium.
  • Return to Liam and Matilda.