Windhalm of Attre is the prince of the Duchy of Attre. A chubby youngster of twelve, born in the year 1238, he was one of the young men that visited Cintra to vying for the hand of princess Pavetta. He was chaperoned by the knight Rainfarn.

Later as a young man of twenty four and a duke, he lead a group of rebels in Verden against Nilfgaardian invaders, but was ultimately captured. The emperor wanted to make an example of him and ordered his public and spectacular execution.

Windhalm of Attre... Order him to be beheaded. No... Not beheaded. Executed in some other way. Spectacularly, lengthily and cruelly. And publicly, it goes without saying. A terrifying example is necessary. Something that will frighten others.

— page 230, Blood of Elves (UK edition)


Tw3 achievements friend in need unlocked
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