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Whispess is one of the three Velen crone sisters in Crookback Bog. The other two are the Weavess and the Brewess and they are supposed to be daughters of She-Who-Knows.

Journal entry Edit

The Crones of Velen were not just old — they were literally ancient, having been around since the reign of the first human kings and possibly even since the coming of the elves.
Of the three ghastly sisters, the Whispess was the most ancient, or at least so claimed the swamp dwellers' whispered legends. Whispered, for if they spoke too loudly the Crone would hear it — for she demanded tribute in the form of human ears, which she hung from trees and through which, using primeval magic, she heard all that happened in the swamp.
Yet no magic, new or old, could save her from Cirilla's wrath.

Gallery Edit

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