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What Lies Unseen is a quest in the Blood and Wine Expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

 Journal entry Edit

  • Coming soon!

Walkthrough Edit

  • Go to the Unseen Elder's lair.
  • Open the entrance to the Unseen Elder using Orianna's key.
  • Enter the Unseen Elder's lair.
  • Find a healing potion.
  • Drink Swallow to regenerate Vitality.
  • Get out of the cave.
  • (Optional) Collect the items and gear you lost as you fell.
  • Find a way to appease the Unseen Elder.
  • Find a way to get to the exit.
  • Find the mage.
  • Search the body.
  • Read the mage's notes.
  • Find an offering for the Unseen Elder.
  • Destroy the wall using the Aard sign.
  • Jump into the water.
  • Reach the platform and get out of the cave.
  • Talk to the Unseen Elder.

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