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"Do you really wish to know?"
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What Lies Beneath is the quest which gives Geralt his big break information-wise in the "case". He has been trying to find out what Salamandra is up to and in this quest, he finally tracks down Azar Javed, if only briefly.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest begins shortly after Geralt speaks with the local private investigator, Raymond Maarloeve. After listening to the detective, the witcher decides to do some looking around of his own, in addition to the leads given to him. As our hero pokes around the Temple Quarter and interviews the suspects, evidence begins to mount, one way or another. The deciding events are the autopsy and his exploration of the cemetery crypt.

During the autopsy, Geralt and Shani can discover that Azar is using an illusion to pose as Raymond at least on some occasions. In the crypt, the witcher finds proof positive that Azar is in fact impersonating the detective all the time: Raymond's body.

If Geralt ends up following the wrong trail and accusing Kalkstein of being the local Salamandra kingpin, this quest just languishes. There is no further impetus, in form of journal / quest phase entries, to complete the quest. I saw no reason so far however, to suggest that it fails, it just would not be completed unless you made a special effort to do so.

Notes Edit

  • Extra XP: there are 1000 XP available for finding 10 clues to Raymond's true identity. These are clues about Azar's lifestyle (taste for luxury, women and fire, political aspirations, fisstech habit, being a renegade mage) and of course, if you actually find Raymond's body.

Phases Edit

Leads Edit

This investigation is not as straightforward as Raymond might wish. Apparently not all the suspects are guilty. I reckon I should search for leads on my own.

Confrontation / Azar the Detective Edit

Geralt is in the dark:

I'm treading on thin ice - I need to disclose my suspicions to the detective but I don't want him to react violently. Not yet that is. I have to choose my words carefully. I need to be careful with the detective. (1500 XP)

Geralt knows the deal:

I have irrefutable evidence that Azar Javed disguises himself as Raymond. This knowledge is dangerous indeed... I must be realistic, if I face Azar on his terms I will meet with certain death. I must not confront Azar directly. I must seek support among some of the falsely accused. (500 XP)

An Ally: Kalkstein Edit

Kalkstein has become my ally against Azar. We decided to use Salamandra's interest in the marsh tower and lure Azar into a trap. We decided to use Salamandra's interest in the marsh tower and lure Azar into a trap. (2500 XP)

Failure Edit

  • only if Geralt blurts out information he shouldn't.

I told "Raymond" that I know who he really is. Not the best move. Accusing Raymond to his face was not the best idea.