Wham-a-Wham is a powerful volcanic-like Rock Troll living inside a silver-rich cave on Ard Skellig.

Bestiary entry Edit

Thems in-walk troll house. Troll say, "Out mans!" But they wham-a-wham troll rocks. So troll wham, too!
— Rock troll known as Wham-a-Wham
Rock trolls come across as dim-witted, ponderous, slow – stupid, to be frank. It's easy to dismiss them – and even easier to enrage them. When this happens, one's best bet is to run as fast as possible, for an angered rock troll is as deadly as a thundering landslide. The truth held in the case of the massive rock troll known as Wham-a-Wham. HIs [sic] every blow struck like a battering ram – meaning one needed either avoid them entirely or protect oneself with the Quen Sign. Its hard skin meant it was near invulnerable to sword strikes – especially those dealt from behind, where its rock armor is the thickest. The only hope for defeating it lay in taking advantage of its typical troll slowness – especially if further exploited using the Yrden Sign.
A certain set of Skellige miners learned first-hand just how dangerous rock trolls can be. Ignoring all warnings, they started to mine a rich silver vein in the cave which Wham-a-Wham called home. They died soon thereafter – crushed or torn to rough bits. This time, a trolls killings were a justified act of self-defense – after all, the witcher reasoned, every troll's cave is his castle.

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