These mini-mods were created to allow the player access to Werewolf fur while playing a good guy in the game and letting Vincent live. This without having to use the Witcher save game editor found here.

Werewolf Fur — Quest Altering Mod Edit

This mod will reward you for successfully completing Beauty and the Beast quest by giving you for free the Werewolf fur ingredient by Carmen regardless of your choices.


This mod will not work for save games before installation. This was tested personally. It only works when you install and create a new game.


Put both files in the DATA\OVERRIDE directory. If there is no OVERRIDE directory, just create one.


You can download the mod here. - broken link

Werewolf Fur — Vendor Altering Mod Edit

This mod will alter the healer in Chapter IV (this is a default healer or Abigail if you let her live earlier). So she will have one (1) Werewolf Fur in stock. Yet not for free, it will cost you 1000 Items Oren.


This mod will work for saved games before installation. But only if you have not opened the vendor window of the healer in Chapter IV or Abigail yet.


Extract the .rar into your \DATA directory.


You can download the mod here. - file no longer exists

Tools used for the vendor altering mod:

  1. BIFRip by Tk102 — to extract the original files.
  2. KGFF by Tk102 — to modify the files.

Notes Edit

  • These mods are provided "as-is", without any implied warranties. You may use them at your own risk and the Witcher Wiki bears no responsibility for availability.
  • The FCR mod contains a werewolf fur mod.