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Weavess is one of the three Velen crone sisters in Crookback Bog. The other two are the Whispess and the Brewess and they are supposed to be daughters of She-Who-Knows.

Journal entry Edit

Though the youngest of the three Crones, the Weavess was not one jot less ugly or evil than her older sisters. It was she who wove their magic tapestries of human hair gathered as tribute from the young children of nearby villages during their "cutting" ceremonies. These tapestries were how the worshipers of the Ladies of the Wood made contact with and paid homage to their deities.
The fight on Bald Mountain was meant to put an end to all three Crones, but Weavess evaded her elder sisters' fate. She was able to escape by transforming into a flock of ravens and took Cirilla's medallion with her.

Associated quest Edit

Gallery Edit

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