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Warehouse of Woe is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Quest Description Edit

A human and a dwarf are arguing outside of a warehouse they share accusing each other of placing a monster inside the structure. Geralt can decide whether or not to intervene and discover the truth of the matter.


From the Novigrad Docks fast travel point follow the road Southwest, just follow the road until see (and are close to) a butcher's table, then turn South (you should now be facing the city's walls) then West again (or ignore the directions and just hug the city walls on this area until you find it. It's on the Southwestern most part of the map). You will happen upon a group of guards listening to a man and a dwarf arguing. Interact with them to view the cutscene for this quest.

Enter the warehouse. Inside you will find a single monster. Slay it, then use your Witcher senses if you wish to investigate further. You will find a gutted dog in front of the locked door, and to the left a pile of metal which used to be a cage with its bars sawn off. Geralt will comment on his findings and mention the particular size of the footprints, which appear to be dwarven. Exit the warehouse and talk to the quest giver. Respond to the guard, telling him that you took care of the monster. 

  • If you tell the guard you do not know how the monster got in, he will talk about taking the matter up with the Captain.
  • If you tell him you found a cage, he will ask who let it escape.
    • "The man." He will protest that the nonhumans were working together and gets hauled away. The dwarf then chortles, saying that the man wasn't a racist, he just talked tough. When Geralt questions him further, the dwarf admits that the human wasn't smart enough to concoct a plan like that, then goes on his way.
    • "The dwarf." He will deny the accusation and is taken away. The man remarks that he can't wait to watch the dwarf hang and that he will need help getting onto the stool.


  • This quest must be completed as soon as it is obtained, since straying too far away from the warehouse will cause it to fail.
  • The reward will remain the same no matter which of the two you accuse of placing the monster in the warehouse.

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