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War of Daggers was civil war in Temeria after death of Raffard the White and later Abdank, the two biggest players in conflict was dukes of Ellander and Maribor.

Combatants Edit

Background Edit

Abdank was King of Temeria whose reign occurred around the thirties of the 9th century. Due to his mental disability, the actual power since Six Years' War had been exerted by Raffard the White, his court mage and advisor. Raffard's death during the combat between supporters and opponents of creation of the Conclave caused the internal instability, which violently exacerbated after decease of King Abdank.

Monarch had not left a male heir, which made the impulse for the dukes of Maribor and Ellander to start the ruthless conflict for Vizimian throne.

Course of conflict Edit

The main argument of both parties confirming their rights was the accusation opposite sites of the active participation in the heirless death of crowned monarch. Difficult to say which of the parties took a part in putting an end to Abdank's life, particularly in view of later manners of the rivals - both sides with equal skill and frequency used an assassination as the war measure. It ended at the

Results Edit

The conflicts were waged intermittently until the beginning of the 11th century. Result of the War was the establishing the position of the Mariborian branch as the ruling dynasty of the Kingdom of Temeria.