Wipper RPG

A vypper from Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni. Illustration by Jarosław Musiał


Vipper killed by Dryads

Vypper, also known as Wipper, is a creature of the swamps, haunting them and fighting for territory with the kikimore.

Wiedźmin: Gra WyobraźniEdit

Vyppers are large reptiles, like vipers the size of alligators. They can stretch their jaws wide, but the fangs are not as much of a threat as they look. It is their poison one should beware of.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

In the leaked materials for the game, Wipper was put down as a possible monster, but was removed during development around 2013 - 2014.[1]

Information from leaked materials Edit

Lizard-like monster living in the salt mine in the water.

  • Role in the group: Individual
  • Preferred behavior: aggressive and fast.
  • Special attacks and actions:
    • Fast attacks - his attacks are fast paced and deal medium damage.
    • Venom spit - Wipper can spit with venom which poisons enemies. Player can dodge or use Quen to protect himself.
    • Hide - Wipper can hide underwater and appear elsewhere.
  • Defence: none
  • Vital points:
    • Instant kill:
      • Decapitation of 5 heads (cost: 1 points per head). If you don't cut all the heads in one focus execution, they regenerate.
      • Pierce the brain (cost: 5 points)
    • Protection: none
    • Critical effect/disable ability:
      • Piercing the venom gland - disables the Venom spit (cost: 1 point)
    • Massive damage: none
  • Immune to: Silver
  • Vulnerable to: Steel, Igni

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References Edit

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