Vratimir was a human-looking half-elven knight with salt-and-pepper hair who befriended Chireadan and Errdil, the latter to the point of helping him renovate his inn in Rinde. Geralt met the trio outside the gates of Rinde.

Dandelion was desperately ill and needed attention, but no one could enter the city after dusk, so the witcher and his sick friend waited in the barbican along with other travelers waiting to enter.

Andrzej Sapkowski (The Last Wish) Edit

"The third man, who looked the eldest, was human, a knight, judging by the way he was dressed and by his salt-and-pepper hair, cut to fit beneath a helmet.

...a closer look at the coat of arms embroidered on his tunic shattered his hopes: a shield divided per cross and bearing golden lilies was cut diagonally by a silver bar. Vratimir was not only illegitimate but came from a mixed, human-nonhuman union."
- pg.220, The Last Wish (UK edition)

Notes Edit

  • This very friendly and kind knight features also in first polish comic series illustrated by Boguslaw Polch.