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Trophy Voref

Voref is a wolf-creature in the Swamp and the object of a trophy quest in Chapter III, for the Royal huntsman in the Trade Quarter. He is accompanied by other wolves, presumably his pack, but stands out from the pack because of his relatively large size (and the fact that he has a name).

The Royal huntsman will pay handsomely for his head.

Voref and his pack can be found wandering around the eastern part of the Golem burial ground, and the area west of the collapsed tower, just south of Wyvern Island in the Swamp.

Associated quest Edit

Notes Edit

  • Some users have reported that Voref does not appear until after Vaska has told Geralt to seek out the Hierophant.  This is definitely not always true: Voref has been seen in the Swamp (Chapter III) before this conversation with Vaska, or any other quest giver in Chapter 3 other than Triss.
  • Voref is not available during the quest Reaping Time, possibly due to the fact that he roams the area where the peasants are forced to work during that quest. He appears both before the quest is taken and after the quest is finished.
  • Voref is easily killed using strong-style silver sword.
Significant plot details end here.

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