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The vodyanoi are intelligent underwater dwellers. Vodyanoi warriors are the stronger variety who protect other, weaker vodyanoi, like the priests. They may well be the same creatures as the "warriors of Ys" described in the short story "Trochę poświęcenia" ("A Little Sacrifice") in the Miecz przeznaczenia (The Sword of Destiny) collection by Andrzej Sapkowski.

see also: Vodyanoi priests

Journal Bestiary Entry Edit

"The sight of vodyanoi warriors striding ashore is a sign that a transgression has been committed against the fishpeople — either the border to an underwater kingdom has been crossed or a taboo under one of the many vodyanoi religions has been violated. The warriors' primary duty is to guard the underwater kingdom, though when necessary they leave their domain to seek justice for some perceived harm. Both tasks are performed with precision and emotionlessly. They do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives in service to the powers of the Deep."

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