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The cemetery is located in the southern part of the Vizima's Temple Quarter but also accessible from a gate in the Trade Quarter.

In 1271, the city was under quarantine because of the Catriona plague and with a swamp cemetery long forgotten, the cemetery inside Vizima's walls was where the dead were buried with the exception of plague victims that had to be burned outside St. Lebioda's Hospital.

The place was tended to by the gravedigger who temporarily locked its gates because of necrophages. In particular, a talking ghoul named Vetala made this place his home.

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Within the walls of Vizima there is a cemetery. It is currently closed due to a ghoul plague.
There is a crypt in the cemetery, as well as a small, hexagonal ruin that appears to have once been a temple or chapel. The gravestones look neglected, and there are signs of the undead everywhere. It seems the necropolis has not been used in a while.

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  • In the "Side Effects" premium module, there is no crypt in the cemetery.
  • There is a thug's corpse near the crypt which contains some white roses, which can be used later for The Green March.

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