Vivienne de Tabris is a noblewoman in Toussaint and is a lady-in-waiting to Duchess Anna Henrietta in Beauclair. She serves as the patroness in the most recent grand tournament. She is the subject of a contract given by her suitor, Guillaume de Launfal.

There is not much known of Vivienne's childhood. Her mother spent time as a lady-in-waiting and her father was a Knight.

When Geralt of Rivia entered the tourney at Guillame's behest, he sensed something wrong with Vivienne as his witcher medallion vibrated in her presence. Eventually he discovers the Vivienne was suffering from a curse that was slowly turning her into a bird-like creature. And Vivienne was under the impression that someone discovered her secret and hired the witcher to kill her.

As Vivienne explained to Geralt, before she was born, when her parents met in the forest, her mother wished that her daughter should be as beautiful as the oriole birds. However, a creature that dwelt in the woods was jealous of their happiness and confronted them, claiming the forest belonged it and demanded payment. When Vivienne's parents claimed to have nothing, the creature took their unborn child as payment, inflicting a curse on her. At first she seemed unaffected until her fifteenth summer, when the symptoms of the curse first manifested. Presently, the curse has become so strong that Vivienne is forced to use magical ointment to mask the symptoms daily.

Geralt offers two ways to lift the curse: the first involved transferring the curse to a willing participant, though its hold would be severely weakened, which Vivivenne finds unacceptable; the second involves trapping the curse inside an oriole egg, at the risk of leaving Vivienne with the average life span of seven years.

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Vivienne de Tabris was Anna Henrietta's lady-in-waiting. She was a tight-lipped, secretive, inaccessible person, but her beauty fascinated men. Geralt saw proof of this when he took a contract from Guillaume, who was in love with her and suspected she might be afflicted by a curse. In order to get an audience with her, Geralt had to take part in the knights' tourney, where Vivienne was acting as patroness.
By following Vivienne and examining the evidence, Geralt discovered Guillaume was right. Vivienne had indeed been struck by a powerful curse before she was even born. This curse caused her to turn into a bird whenever the moon was out. Geralt listened to the story of the curse, then offered to try to lift it. He warned her that this would not be a simple matter. The curse could be transferred to another, but Vivienne did not want to agree to that. It could also be removed entirely, but then it was possible Vivienne would only have a few years left to live.
If Geralt tells Guillaume about the curse:
Geralt decided to tell Guillaume what he had learned. Guillaume offered his help in lifting the curse – and declared he was willing to take that burden upon himself.
Thanks to the information Geralt had gathered, Guillaume convinced Vivienne to let him take the curse upon himself. According to Geralt, the spell would have much weaker effects once transferred. Vivienne believed Guillaume had the best of intentions and decided to trust him.
The three of them performed the ritual, lifting the curse from Vivienne. As for Guillaume, he noticed no immediate changes.
If Geralt checks in with the couple later:
Guillaume and Vivienne grew close. The curse caused the knight to grow feathers on strange parts of his body, but that did not bother him overly much. As for Vivienne, she was rather fond of them.
If Geralt does not tell Guillaume about the curse:
Geralt kept the information Vivienne had confided to him secret, even though Guillaume was determined to help her any way he could.
Guillaume tried to convince Vivienne he only wanted what was best for her, but she prefered to remain independent. She and Geralt conducted the ritual together, lifting the curse.
Vivienne felt free for the first time in her life. She decided to make maximal use of the time remaining to her and set out to travel the world.

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  • If her curse was lifted without Guillaume's help, Vivienne travels to Novigrad after the story of Blood and Wine ends. If spoken to there, she reveals details of her voyage to Pont Vanis, a capital of Kovir, and her plans to travel to Skellige. Vivienne leaves Novigrad after several in-game days, but does not reappear in Skellige.

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