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Viroleda (in The Witcher computer game: Viroledo) is a city in Nilfgaard known for its swordsmen who developed a particular style of sword fighting called Viroledan Naev'de Feaine Glaeddyv used when facing multiple opponents. Viroledan masters of this style were said to be able to fight nine opponents simultaneously.

As mentioned in Season of Storms, it is also known as a center of high quality swordmaking. Also during the same novel, Geralt received a fake Viroledan sword from Dandelion, though the bard did not realize it was a fake. Pinety had a real sword from Viroledo, which he later gave to the witcher.

In The Tower of the SwallowEsterhazy proposes a light Viroledan-style sword for Ciri.

Trivia Edit

  • It is quite possibly inspired by the historical Spanish City of Toledo.