Viroleda is a city in Nilfgaard known for its swordsmen and high quality swordmaking.[2]

The city developed a particular style of sword fighting called Viroledan Naev'de Feaine Glaeddyv used when facing multiple opponents. Viroledan masters of this style were said to be able to fight nine opponents simultaneously.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • It is quite possibly inspired by the historical Spanish City of Toledo.

Notes Edit

  • The books and games defer in the demonym of the city. In the books, it's been shown as Viroledanian and Viroledian[2], but in game it's Viroledan.
  • Geralt received a fake Viroledan sword from Dandelion, though the bard did not realize it was a fake. Pinety had a real sword from Viroledo, which he later gave to the witcher.

References Edit

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