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Trophy Vesper

Vesper is a large garkain who is accompanied by at least two other garkains and several wraiths. The Royal huntsman will pay handsomely for his head.

Vesper can be found at the beginning of path leading the Striga's crypt on Cemetery Island in the Swamp Cemetery. If using the Full Combat Rebalance mod he might be in the normal spot or in the crypt accessed through the Wayfarer's stone in the Striga's Crypt.

Associated quest Edit

Notes Edit

  • Vesper is Latin for evening (star).
  • Be careful not to pursue Vesper and his entourage too far into the Cemetery as you will then also encounter Lilly, the Vampiress of the Swamp and it is simply a pain to deal with two trophy heads at one time. Simply get Vesper, go back to the Druids' cave, collect the reward from the Royal huntsman and then return for Lilly.
  • Vesper's name is an easter egg. There are three Polish novels, by Magdalena Kozak, featuring a vampire named Vesper, who is a commando serving in Polish special forces.