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Vesna Hood is a waitress at the Outskirts Inn who lives with her grandmother not far from Vizima's Maribor gate. She is professionally dismissive of crude lechery, but compliments, some derring-do and a bottle of wine go a long way...

If Geralt pays attention to Vesna he will have one or more opportunities to save her life - and find a way past her professional reserve if these are successful.

Associated quests Edit

Journal Entry Edit

"A barmaid from the tavern in the Outskirts, Vesna is quite a determined girl. She sells food and alcohol."


  • Vesna is a reference to Little Red Riding Hood. She's trying to get to her grandmother's house; she's in danger from the wolf-like barghests; and of course, her last name is Hood. (And according to quest ID and romance card file name, her first name was originally Rita.)

Video Edit

thumb|480px|left|Vesna Hood Quest and Sex Scene

Gallery Edit

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