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"If you're to be hanged, ask for water. Anything can happen before they fetch it."

Vesemir of Kaer Morhen[2] is the oldest and most experienced witcher at Kaer Morhen during comics, novels, both PnP RPGs and video games. He is a father figure to Geralt and the other witchers. He spends each winter in the fortress and sets off on the road when spring comes. He is an excellent fencer and has great knowledge of monsters.

He is the only one of the old witchers to survive the assault on Kaer Morhen, left for dead among the corpses of his fellows. Coincidentally (or perhaps ironically), he was only a fencing instructor and thus did not possess the knowledge necessary to create new mutagens in order to mutate more boys into witchers. Despite his age, Vesemir is robust and lively.

Vesemir was really very old. Who knows, he could be even older than Kaer Morhen.
— pg(s). 27, Blood of Elves (UK edition)

In the Movie and TV series Edit

In The Hexer movie and TV series Vesemir was portrayed by Jerzy Nowak.

In the movie and TV series, Vesemir was not actually a witcher, but a druid. He and the other druids were the ones who made the mutagens and performed the trials on children to turn them into witchers.

Episodes Edit

The Witcher (PC) Edit

In the game, Vesemir is one of the first people Geralt speaks to upon arrival at Kaer Morhen, and he is the one to guide the amnesiac through his first few uncertain steps around the keep. He also tells the witcher about skinning monsters, an extremely useful skill throughout the rest of the game. Of no less importance is the fact that he introduces the character of Berengar to the plot while filling our hero in on his forgotten past.

In the English version, he is voiced by William "Bill" Roberts and by Miłogost Reczek for the Polish version.

Associated quests Edit

Journal entry Edit

Vesemir is the oldest and most experienced witcher, possibly older than Kaer Morhen itself. He spends each winter in the fortress and sets off on the road when spring comes, just like all the other witchers. Despite his age, Vesemir is robust and lively. Many youngsters could envy him his health. An excellent fencer, he was the one who taught me swordsmanship.

He has raised many witchers, including me. His disciples treat him like a father. Leo was probably the old witcher's last protégé — the boy's death shocked him.

He was one of a few to survive the assault on Kaer Morhen. He is well aware of the magnitude of the hatred some people feel for witchers.

Vesemir features prominently in the prologue and can usually be found wandering around the main hall on the ground floor of Kaer Morhen, or in the basement in the laboratory.

In "The Price of Neutrality" premium module Edit

In "The Price of Neutrality" he is found just inside the walls of Kaer Morhen; more specifically, in the main courtyard. He can be found later near the ford closest to the camp.

Associated quests Edit

Journal entry Edit

Vesemir is the eldest and most experienced witcher; in fact, he may be older than Kaer Morhen itself. He spends each winter at the fortress and, like the others, sets off on his Path when spring comes. Vesemir is robust and lively despite his age, and many youngsters could envy him his health. An excellent fencer, he taught me all I know about sword fighting.

As one of the few who survived the assault on Kaer Morhen, he is well aware of the intense hatred some harbor for witchers.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

TW3 Young Ciri and witchers

Vesemir mentoring young Ciri.

Vesemir returns in The Witcher 3 as a key character and is voiced by William Roberts once again. The game begins with Geralt and his old mentor on the trail of Yennefer, the former having woken from a dream of Kaer Morhen. Whether or not they discuss the dream, Vesemir then requests to see Yennefer's letter, remarking it smells of lilacs and gooseberries, Yennefer's preferred perfume. Afterwards, they proceed onto White Orchard to inquire the townsfolk whether they've seen the sorceress in black. Both he and Geralt kill a Griffin in order to earn info regarding Yennefer's location. On their way back to the inn, they are greeted by Yennefer in person. There, Vesemir separates from Geralt, wanting to return to Kaer Morhen to hide its path from the Northern realms and the Empire of Nilfgaard as they wage war with one another. He disappears for a majority of the game until Geralt returns to Kaer Morhen with Yennefer, then Ciri, where a group of resistance fighters are formed to fend off the Wild Hunt. During the battle, the King of the Wild Hunt detonates a magical explosion that freezes all opposition, where only Vesemir and Ciri are unscathed. Vesemir tries to retreat with Ciri in tow but is immediately confronted by Eredin and Imlerith, the king and the second in command of the Wild Hunt. Vesemir fends them off until Imlerith disarms him, Ciri is then ready to surrender herself to the Hunt in order to spare everyone involved, but Vesemir goads Imlerith into killing him by stabbing him in the side with a hidden dagger, causing Ciri to unleash her power in a massive soundwave of energy that forces the Hunt to retreat. Vesemir is then given a funeral and honored as a hero against the Wild Hunt, Ciri takes his Wolf medallion as a memento.

  • In the DLC Hearts of Stone, Geralt comes across a former lover of Vesemir's, depending on whether or not you've faced the Wild Hunt Vesemir's fate is told.
  • During the boss fight with Imlerith, he asks where Geralt learned to fight to which he replies "The Witcher you slew."

Official description Edit

Vesemir plays a key role in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He is the oldest living witcher, the only one to survive the pogrom which decimated the Wolf School witchers a long time ago. No one knows exactly how old Vesemir is, but it is possible that he is older than the very stones of Kaer Morhen, the keep where witchers of the Wolf School were trained, among which he once served as a fencing instructor. His gray hair frames the creased, craggy face of an old man, leaving no doubt that he is a veteran witcher, one whose skill could still give a younger man a run for his money. [3]

Journal entry Edit

Vesemir was the oldest living member of the Wolf School and most likely the oldest witcher of any school on the Continent.
About as long in years as the ruins of Kaer Morhen themselves and eternally complaining about his creaky bones, this master of the witcher trade gave no thought to a well-deserved retirement. Gray, but still spry, he continued to play the monster hunting trade into his golden years – effectively, too, as he'd seen more beasts than all his students put together.
A harsh and demanding instructor in Geralt's youth, over the years he had become something of an adoptive father and mentor to the other witchers, always ready to help with sage advice and steady hands.
In the spring of 1272, when our story begins, Vesemir had joined Geralt on his search for Yennefer, trekking with him through war-ravaged Temeria.
Vesemir always said no witcher had ever died in his own bed, so death in combat surely awaited him as well. Death's waiting ended on the mournful day when the Wild Hunt descended on Kaer Morhen in pursuit of Ciri. Vesemir gave his all to protect his former ward, whom he had always treated like an adopted granddaughter, and died a hero's death at the hands of Imlerith, the Hunt's cruel general.

 Associated quests Edit

Gallery Edit

Notes & references Edit

  1. The variation between games are likely due to the older games limitations.
  2. Season of Storms
  3. Characterprofile on the game's homepage (last visited 19.11.2014 and no longer available)

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