Vengerberg is the capital city of Aedirn and was once one of the richest and most populous metropolises (numbering six thousand inhabitants) in the Northern Kingdoms. A long-distance trade center crossed by many routes and trails, it has a well-developed industry and education institutions.

According to some (not very reliable) sources, Vengerberg had been founded by Prince Venger in the 8th or 9th century, and became the seat of power of Aedirnian monarchs, like the famous Baldwin of Aedirn. During the Invasion of Dol Angra, Vengerberg had been ransacked and almost all of its inhabitants and garrison were slaughtered by Nilfgaardians and Scoia'tael. After the war, the city slowly began to regain its position.

Known Vengerbergers Edit

Landmarks Edit

  • Castle
  • Vivaldi Bank (branch)
  • Yennefer's shop which sells magical beauty creams and oils
  • Numerous dyeworks, manufactures of wool and textiles, malt mills and distilleries

The Witcher: Adventure Game Edit

Twag location Vengerberg

Vengerberg is one of main location in the board game. It is marked with the symbol of witcher sign "Quen" Tw2 sign quen.

Surrounded by high mountains in the west, north and east, its northern road leads to Ellander (northwest) and Dol Blathanna (northeast), while its southern route are directed to Rivia. Track straight north from the city leads to ruins of Shaerrawedd.

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