Vara of Vengerberg is one of the major characters in the Witcher: House of Glass comics. Later Geralt reveals that she is a succubus.

The Witcher: House of Glass Edit

[1]First time their meet each other, Geralt is rather cold towards her, but his cautiousness slowly subsides as the two start drinking and talking as the succubus shares what she knows of this strange house. Vara tells him how she had to flee Vengerberg after the prude society discovered who she really was, how she went undercover and joined a caravan heading for Riedbrune, and how she got bored on the long journey and gave herself to the pleasures of not traveling alone, as she says: "in a variety of ways"; finally, how the merchants turned out to be thieves and how they had to run towards Caed Dhu from the armed men hired by the Vivaldi Bank, lastly ending in this mansion. She later shows Geralt to the cellar where her companions are supposed to be. The men are no longer human; they are "the cursed" who, unlike the succubus, are anything but friendly. After dispatching dozens of the living corpses, Geralt goes back up and is not happy, not one bit.

Sometime after they will end up deciding on trying to leave. Their attempt is hindered by yet another battle - a Leshen appears in the forest with his pack of wolves. After this skirmish, the two are forced to return to mansion. As they entered, they discover an eerie feast - Jacob and his wife Marta Ornstine are sitting on table. Both are forced by the lady to sit and join the feast. The gracious hostess is acting weird, disallowing anyone to get closer to her or leave. Thus, the guests decide to ease the mood and start talking. At some point, Marta simply disappear and Jacob yet again ways with the witcher and Vara. Thanks to her, who stops Geralt of Rivia, the two narrowly avoid another fight, this time with a grave hag.

At first, Geralt enjoys his few moments of relax alone, but is soon joined by Vara. They first discuss Marta's case, but eventually, the succubus gets bored of talking... Having spent there a few oh so joyful hours, they are separated as Geralt leaves hearing his mare, as usually named Roach. Than Geralt meets Marta Ornstine again, discovers the truth behind the House of Glass and meets up with Vara, who admits she's been leading him to this. The riddle is solved and both Vara and Geralt are free and thus can leave the mansion.

When Geralt offered to join "until they are fed up with each other", Vara decline with saying that she is under curse.

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