Van Rogh was an alias or, to be more specific, a pen(cil) name used by Iris Bilewitz, later von Everec (after marrying Olgierd) to sell her art. "He" - meaning van Rogh - wasn't so popular among art dealers, but had some fierce admirers in Novigrad, like one Marcus Thaddeus Knut Hodgson, a rich bookseller from Hierarch Square.

Trivia Edit

  • The name is an unsubtle reference to the famous painter Vincent van Gogh, who was unpopular during his lifetime and reputed to have only sold one painting before his suicide.
  • The painting sold at the Borsoldi auction "Starry Night Over the Pontar" borrows its name from van Gogh's "Starry night over the Rhone" and its art from "The Starry Night".
  • Iris's name itself may also be a reference to "Irises", one of several paintings which van Gogh made while at a asylum in the year before his death.
  • The manner of Iris' death echoes that of van Gogh himself. When the Black Dog tells of how Iris' heart "burst", it echoes Van Gogh's shooting of his chest.

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