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The druid Vaedermakar controls the elements. He soothes storms into silence, musters destructive hail, summons lightning to turn foes into ash. So I advise you well... treat him with utmost respect.
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A Vaedermakar is a type of druid who is skilled in manipulating the weather through the force. He can call or stop a storm, cause hail, make lightning turn enemy to ash. They do these through a ritual made through animal sacrifice and chants on a sacrificial altar. The cost of these rituals invoke the summoning of waves of foglets though so vaedermakars are only called upon when people's needs are great rather than on a whim.

Known Vaedermakars Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The name seems to be a combination of Swedish väder (weather) and Scots makar (maker).
  • The chants uttered by vaedermakars in their ritual is in "Gammelsvenska" also known as Old Swedish.

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