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One of many main story quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

Traveling via Geralt's most beloved means of transport, teleportation, Yennefer reached Kaer Morhen first - and immediately started bossing everyone around. Not only did she divvy out chores to the witchers like a schoolmarm whipping lazy pupils into order, she also refused to reveal any details of her plans. Though Geralt was not exactly charmed by this behavior, he knew he had to help her - for Ciri's sake.
Yennefer and the witchers' hard work paid off. After long hours of painstaking labor, after Geralt had held back his disgust and disturbing childhood memories to administer painful treatments to Uma, finally, at long last, the curse was lifted. This gave them answers to the questions that had troubled them for so long - and posed a host of new ones as well...

Walkthrough Edit

Prima Guide va fail avalach

Trivia Edit

  • The quest title is Elder Speech and means "Goodbye, beauty".
  • One of the stories to tell Yennefer is about Dandelion buying the sword. This event took place in the The Season of Storms.

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