Hello, my name is wereduck' i m a wereduck. it is a curse, that transform me into a wereduck; not every full moon, but every time someone write something in the wikia. now, im going to quak u about how i became a wereduck by that blog, or story if you want.

chapter 1: long long ago, i was a regular ofirey bard, traveling temeria. one day, i got lost in a swamp near crow perch, when i was searching for my unpettable tiger: mister mitens. i got quaking hungry, allmost ate my own foot. suddenly, i saw some wierd looking herbs or... weed? i thought. but i was so hungry and tired, i ate those herbs near a little cave by a tree. then i felt like aaamm, qqquuuaaaaaaaakkkk.......... 

later, i quok up and i was stoned, i dont know what were those weeds but that made me like super hayjaked.                   anyway... when quok up i saw like, a little, purple, big eyed dude, he looked pissed. i  was like: "wow! u r so swag tiny dude!" and he was like: "mmm i'm pissed and stuff cause you ate me special drugs! and i m no dude, imma godling! u r so dumb! imma curse u now k?" and i was like: "but why purple dude? please no cursy me!" but the little godling dude was starting to cast a spell but i was busy eating more of those cool herbs. 

"what the...? QUAK! what was that? did i just quake-QUAK! god quaking dammit! what's happening to me?!" i said. so my body was hurt, and was thirsty, so i ran to a little lake. i drank some water, but then... QUAK! i looked at my reflaction at the water, and i saw a big, two handed and human walking duck. i screamed so quak the whole forest shook.

dat is e  naf 4 now, if u liked dat liv a comment and i might write another chapter of de story of my life. quak u later!!