step 1: first of all, go to white orchard bridge, then go to the dwarf armorer (you have to complete his quest before doing it)

step 2: go north-left until you reach an old house

step 3: search near the house a bee-hive, and aard it.

step 4: aard the bee hive until it reaches the armorer. he shall die from it

step 5: meditate one hour, wake up, repit

step 6: when the dwarf's bodies are many, aard away the beehive and take the loot from the armorer. there is many loot as the body's numbers

it is recommended to buy as many thing as you can (spend all of your money, for him to have a lot) and when you take the loots you take all of he's money, multiplayd, and you can take everything he sells for free.

if my english is not understandablle i'm sorry. btw i checked and the glitch work in the last patch, 1.23