Howdy everyone.

I'm "Evil" Chris Priestly, the North American Community Manager for CD PROJEKT RED. I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself to you and say how excited we at CD PROJEKT RED are to be working with our fans here on Wikia for The Witcher: Wild Hunt. We at CDPR love the Witcher wikia and we know that the upcoming release of our new game on May 19 is going to bring a lot of gamers to these pages to learn even more information on the expansive world, the characters and the lore. As such, the work you do here - and the community we share - plays an important part in the success of The Witcher: Wild Hunt. We'll be collaborating with this community in all sorts of cool ways this year and working to give you everything you need to create a wealth of knowledge for both existing and new fans of The Witcher alike. I'll be keeping an eye on things here and posting from time to time, so feel free to hit me up via the Wikia Message Wall.

We'll speak again soon - and thanks for being dedicated fans of The Witcher. Fans like you are the reason we make the games.

- Evil Chris. CD PROJEKT RED