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The story behind The Bitcher adult parody

Ausir June 2, 2011 User blog:Ausir

There's been news all around the web about a porn parody of The Witcher being in the works. A supposed DVD cover of The Bitcher, from Digital Playground studio, known for its high-budget adult movies, starring Evan Stone as Geralt and Sasha Grey as Yennefer being posted on various sites, including ones as popular as Destructoid.

I'm sure the news excited many fans of the Witcher series, and I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but no such movie is actually being made. As it turns out, the story was made up by Polish fantasy writer Jakub Ćwiek in his monthly column in the Nowa Fantastyka science fiction magazine, where each time he writes about false but plausible events, and each time someone manages to fall for it (but for the first time internationally!)

Did any of you believe it? Or did you know it's fake from the start?

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