Just after the midnight premiere of the game in Europe, the first patch for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has already been released. Here's the list of changes:

  • Several major balance fixes (economy and fight)
  • On screen fixes (items descriptions, journal etc)
  • Audio mix fixes
  • Several audio areas, music, cutscene fixes and added better sounds
  • Many UI fixes (functional, smoother and more user friendly ex. inventory items selection)
  • Many fixes to quests, quests markers
  • Visual fixes to fade outs, blackscreens in scenes, cutscenes
  • Many community fixes - work, npc’s life
  • Big opponents fights balance and fixes
  • Many cutscenes fixes - animations, items, lipsync
  • Gamepad fixes - playing gamepad is now much better
  • Camera fixes - collisions with objects, collisions with npc’s, combat camera improvements
  • Some hair physics fixes
  • Minor QTE fixes
  • Several locations fixes - objects collisions, environments improvements, lights, effects
  • Crafting, shops, alchemy improvements
  • Added new autosaves in important places (ex. before fight with Letho, Arachas, Draug)
  • Some random crashes fixes
  • Dice poker improvements - logic bugs fixes

The patch will download automatically when you start your game.