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Tw3 Oxenfurt Academy

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The University or Academy of Oxenfurt is a bastion of education. Its main academic rival is the Imperial Academy in Nilfgaard.

Among its more famous alumni are Shani and Dandelion. The former went on to become the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Herbology, while the latter studied the seven liberal arts, graduating summa cum laude honors. He went on to lecture at the institution many years after his departure as a student. The witcher Geralt also attended some lectures at the university, such as astronomy.  [1]

One of it achievements was the renovated elven aqueduct, which served as an experimental sewage treatment plant, of dubious reputation.

During the course of the 3rd Northern War the University was closed, and most of its faculty and students conscripted into the ranks of the Redanian Army. Those students and professors involved with the Faculty of Medicine and Herbology were instead 'invited' by King Radovid V to join the medics accompanying the army.

Heraldry Edit

COA Oxenfurt Univ

Faculties Edit

Oxenfurt academy

Building of Oxenfurt Academy

Noted staff Edit


Statue of Oppenhauser in the Witcher 3

Chancellor of Academy


References Edit

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