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Unicorns are a race of sentient creatures that came to the world during the Conjunction of the Spheres. They look like horses with a single, often spiral horn in the middle of their foreheads. They use telepathy to communicate with each other and (sometimes) with other races. Unicorn horns are universal antidotes to poison and can be used to detect poisons as well.

Unicorns greatly dislike the Aen Elle who forced them to open the gate between worlds so that they might massacre humans from other worlds. They also change color with age. They can move between parallel realities, and they may also move through time (fourth and fifth dimensions). The legends that suggest unicorns can only be captured by virgins are false. In reality they simply despise evil and so, avoid it. They usually appear to people with a good heart.

Notable unicorns Edit

Physiologus entry Edit

The behaviour of the unicorn is greatly mystifying. Although exceptionally timid and fearful of people, if it should chance upon a maiden who has not had carnal relations with a man it will at once run to her, kneel before her and, without any fear whatsoever, lay its head in her lap. It is said that in the dim and distant past there were maidens who made a veritable practice of this. They remained unmarried and in abstinence for many years in order to be employed by hunters as a lure for unicorns. It soon transpired, however, that the unicorn only approached youthful maidens, paying absolutely no attention to older ones. Being a wise creature, the unicorn indubitably knows that remaining too long in the state of maidenhood is suspicious and counter to the natural order.
— pg(s). 253, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

Gallery Edit

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